Ohio property maintenance for homeowners and landlords

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If you live in any US state and own rental property in OHIO. The 1001 handymen company will help with technical support of your real estate.

Ohio property maintenance for homeowners and landlords

What type of work are you requesting?


Troubleshooting current problems at specified intervals (replacing light bulbs, sockets, switches, electrical wiring, faucets, etc.).
Carrying out routine maintenance in engineering systems.
Performing minor routine repairs (repairing furniture, door locks, flooring, walls, ceilings, etc.).
Carrying out repair and construction work.
Providing 24/7 emergency dispatch service.

* Service maintenance includes the following work:
Weekly scheduled site visits by a specialist to complete current tasks and requests.
Regularly carrying out scheduled maintenance work on engineering and communications equipment in accordance with the PPR (scheduled maintenance work) schedule.
Providing 24-hour emergency dispatch service for the facility.

The objects of service are the following engineering systems:
Power supply and lighting systems.
Hot and cold water supply and sewerage systems.
Heating systems.
Ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The service is provided as follows:
Service maintenance of engineering systems at each facility is carried out according to an individual schedule by specialized specialists.
Current requests are accepted and carried out (including minor chores) in accordance with the maintenance schedule.
The list of scheduled maintenance work is established at the stage of contract preparation.
Emergency service is provided daily, 24 hours a day.

Emergency repair work (arrival time of a repair team to eliminate a malfunction is no more than 1 hour).
Identifying the causes and consequences of emergency situations by shutting down the relevant parts or equipment of engineering systems.
Elimination of leaks in water supply, cooling, sewerage and heating systems that can lead to flooding or damage to the premises of the facility.
Cleaning the internal sewerage system from blockages.
Elimination of short circuits in electrical installations.
Restoring power supply to both the entire facility and its individual parts (temporarily or permanently).
To comply with the rules and standards of technical operation, the service includes support of the facility by a specialist responsible for the technical condition and operation of thermal and electrical facilities (operational engineer).


  • “one-window” format, when there is no need to find out whose competence this or that issue is - we take on the entire range of measures to ensure the operability of objects;
  • prompt response to your requests, customer focus;
  • well-established operating algorithms;
  • all work is performed by experienced employees of appropriate qualifications who have the necessary certificates, safety approvals, work with high voltage, etc.;
  • adequate and transparent pricing policy, provision of all documents on the work performed, interaction without intermediaries and additional contractors;
  • use of equipment and technologies that meet modern requirements for environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, etc.

Short list of Akron handyman services.
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we do exactly what you need 

  • • Bathroom fan replacements
  • • Carpentry help
  • • Cat cable installation from room to room
  • • Caulking
  • • Ceiling fans
  • • Conceal Wires
  • • Curtains and Shade Installations
  • • Drywall installation
  • • Drywall mudding
  • • Drywall patching
  • • Drywall repair
  • • Electrical help
  • • Exercise Equipment Setup/Movement
  • • Faucet Leaks
  • • Faucet Replacements
  • • Furnace Filter Replacements
  • • Furniture Assembly/Movement
  • • Grab Bar installs
  • • Grill assembly
  • • Gutter Cleaning single story
  • • Handyman miscellaneous
  • • Heavy lifting
  • • Home Mesh network setups
  • • Install/replace appliances
  • • Internet
  • • Light Appliance Troubleshooting and repair
  • • Lights
  • • Lock/ door handle changes and repairs
  • • Loose Toilets
  • • minor door repairs
  • • Minor leaks
  • • Outlets
  • • Painting
  • • Picture and Mirror Hanging
  • • Picture Hanging
  • • Plumbing
  • • Receptacles
  • • Repairs
  • • Replacements
  • • Router setups
  • • Satellite dish removal
  • • Shelving installation
  • • Shower Faucet Leaks
  • • Smart doorbell installation
  • • Smart home thermostats installations
  • • Smoke detectors install/replace
  • • Switches
  • • Toilet Flappers
  • • Toilet leaks
  • • Toilet replacement
  • • Toilet Wax Rings
  • • Trash Removal for overloaded rooms (not a trash pickup and removal service)
  • • Troubleshooting
  • • TV mounting